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Have you ever purchased from FENITY or are you planning to?

Make a TikTok video with the items you purchased from us, tag us and get up to a 100% refund on your purchase for helping our small business grow!

The TikTok doesn’t have to be a haul or about us, just you wearing our items and tagging us is in the caption is enough, ex: ( dress from @fenity #fenity #fenityfashion) Please make sure to add the hashtags too.

Please make one tiktok for each item.

Tag us on Instagram photos and get up to a 10% refund of your previous order!

Please check below some TikTok examples from some of our previous customers who made some videos about us :)

If you make a video about us and want us to check it out and give you the refund we stated above, please email us at :

the link to your Tiktok,

your full name,

and the order number that we will reimburs.

Please only email us after finishing the requiremets and if you are a customer.