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Welcome to the actual Corporate Girl side of the website౨ৎ

Hello, welcome to Fenity.

Our brand was built upon a vision; to create fashion that will help women connect to their femininity, to express it and to embrace it. Though trends are consistently shifting and evolving, our brand withholds the same values it has always had. Created with simplicity, elegance and love, we aspire to take all the experiences and utilise them as we continue to grow in the fashion industry as well as in all your hearts.

Our 10 beloved members, along with all our beloved ambassadors and the 200K of you that have shown us support greater than apprehension, is a family we aim to continue growing and expanding. Let us introduce the Fenity team:

The founder and director of the brand, Vlera is a twenty-two year old girl that first took the initiative to build something as great as Fenity out of the dream of the little girl she once used to be. With nothing but ideas, inspiration and ambition, she transformed the brand into what it is today; a new move. She is a great (mean) boss with so much (yelling and criticism) love to give, with genuinely the kindest heart, purest intentions and gentlest soul.

Vlera - Aquarius

Speak of a beautiful person, Renea is the mitochondria of our cell. As she keeps us all collected, calm and excited to seize the day with her radiant optimism, we are always driven to do our best not only in our professional life, but our personal lives as well. She inspires us to be kind and gentle, yet confident and self-soothing if we ever find that we are losing our ways. We are the most grateful to have her in our team, as well as in our family.

Renea - Libra
Customer Service

Dea is the creative force behind our TikTok presence, bringing a mix of innovation and charm to every clip we share. Her ability to capture the essence of our brand and translate it into engaging, bite-sized content has helped us connect with our online family YOU.

Dea - Pisces
TikTok Manager

We very excitedly introduce you to the source of laughter in our team; this is Erdita, the one who tirelessly spams you with all the annoying emails every day. A passionate heart for the indulgence of all good things in life, she inspires us every day to go after the things we want without a single doubt in our heart while enjoying the ride. There is never a boring day when Erdita is around, there is always something new to do and see. She is our greatest blessing.

Erdita - Cancer
Email Marketing

Remember that hot chick you see on our photos and videos all the time? We introduce you to Rea. You would not expect it, but she serves more jokes than looks. She has a great ability to make everybody in the office laugh to tears. Aside from all the humor, she is one of the most mature, collected and respectable people one would have the honor to meet. Her capability to maintain a positive outlook to life, inspires us all to let a bit loose and remember that success is achieved with a clear mindset and good intentions.

Rea - Aries

Meet our Instagram manager (and the mother of the group), Diora. Curious by nature, she has something new to share with the team every day of the week. She has an odd attachment to Gilmore Girls and Taylor Swift, but we like that about her. She is sensitive at heart, but has a sweetness to her that cannot go unnoticed and unloved. She drives us to take care of our health, and brings her share of positivity into the office every day.

Diora - Gemini
Instagram Manager

The Minnie mouse of the team, we’d like to introduce you to the designer of our team. A subtle character with charm and a touch of mysteriousness, she spends her time creating the beautiful pieces we all share the good fortune to own, wear and love. Although quiet and laid back by nature, she can truly crack a joke and can make everyone in the office feel seen, welcome and comfortable. We appreciate her eye for beauty, and the peace she brings into this family.

Minja - Scorpio
Fashion Designer

Meet Leana, Fenity's vibrant curiosity curator, with a fusing ambition and an impeccable attention to detail. Behind DMs and packages, she not only communicates seamlessly with our influencers and brand ambassadors but also contributes her unique spirit to the Fenity team. Orchestrating joy and building connections, Leana, with her love for "Friends”, a musical soul, a few meows here and there, she is more than a member — she's the new melody in Fenity's story.

Leana- Sagittarius
Influencer Marketing and PR

Being a Virgo, Elsa has a knack for making everything perfect. Her designs are super aesthetic, always clean and eye-catching. She knows how to mix colors and shapes to make our brand look its best. Her work isn't just nice to look at; it tells our story in a way that everyone can get and love. Elsa makes sure our visuals stand out, bringing a special touch that makes our brand memorable.

Elsa - Virgo
Graphic Designer

Arta - our CEOs actual mother, affectionately known as our 'Momager,' brings a unique blend of warmth and wisdom to our team. Her role goes beyond the traditional boundaries of management; she nurtures our brand's growth with a motherly touch while ensuring we remain aligned with our goals and values. Her presence in the office is a constant reminder that at the core of every successful brand is a family that supports and believes in each other.

Arta - Aries

Barks a lot.

Sky - Scorpio