About Us


A word created by an albanian who didn’t know how to spell “Infinity”
First launched in December, 2020, FENITY is a Kosovar/Albanian owned Fashion brand who’s purpose is to create timeless and unique pieces for your wardrobe. 
Our clothing is for anyone and everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.


The concept behind FENITY has been existent since 2016 but since Kosovo was and still is a developing country after the war, FENITY’s journey to where it is now was not that smooth.
Despite the rough journey, our brand is recognized worldwide by YOU and thankfully to YOU we now have a mission to give back to our albanian women community and where we came from. 
Coming from a place where unemployment is particularly high, especially for women, we made it a mission to hire as many women as possible to our brand.


FENITY gets their designs and inspiration from our favorite, viral, vintage or sold out clothes from Pinterest that you saved as pins but never knew where to find or are out of your price range. We are a team of only albanian girls who love clothes, Pinterest and TikTok and recreate and sell clothes for a more affordable price.

Thank you for supporting our continuous journey and we love you to infinity.